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Many people are determined to move to France but can’t quite decide which region would suit them best. Over the course of the next few months we thought it might be valuable to give our views on some of the more popular regions of France. We’re going to kick things off in Northern France, with an overview of Brittany and Normandy. 

Given the various COVID-related travel restrictions in place at the moment coupled with the long awaited final throes of the Brexit negotiations, we're adopting the 'glass half-full mantra and have come up with 10 reason to look on the bright side. 

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As we all know, there is currently a 2-week quarantine in place for anyone arriving to the UK from France. However, as yet, there has been no announcement from France to indicate that quarantine would be imposed on visitors from the UK.

Understandably Brexit has been out of the headlines for several months so we thought it might be worth refreshing the details of the Withdrawal Agreement and its implications.


Lockdown has given us the perfect opportunity to upgrade our website, which we've been meaning to do for a while.  As well as simplifying the design and functionality,  we’ve also incorporated some new search features that should improve your browsing experience.    


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