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We all know that no matter where you are in the world, hiring a car at the airport is both an eye-wateringly expensive AND incredibly stressful experience.  Once you get to the front of the painfully slow queue at the hire-car desk, it is almost inevitable that the car you’ve ordered is not there and your only option is to upgrade at additional expense.  Then, your next job is to try to leave the airport complex, navigating the busy main roads, working out which roundabout exit to take while trying to remember to keep right.  All a little stressful!  

There is another, rather more civilised, option........

The air travel industry is slowly getting back up to speed after the hiatus of the Pandemic.  However, since we can now travel freely again, things are not ‘back to normal’.  There has been a noticeable pivot away from air travel, with more people favouring more relaxed, not to mention greener, ways to get to France - via the cross-channel ferries and the excellent rail network - and Eurostar appear to have pre-empted the move.....

If you’ve ever dreamt of a sea view, a property with or by a lake or perhaps a bolt-hole by the river where you can just watch the world go slowly by, here is a selection of french properties for sale that might just offer some food for thought.  



If you're in the fortunate position of being able to work from anywhere and are thinking of escaping to the country to make the most of your freedom, a good internet connection is likely to be a key consideration.  On that front, France is by far the most developed country in Europe when it comes to their fibre optic network roll out.  

The french government has committed to ensuring every residential property in France has a 'very high speed' internet connection by 2025 

When done well, properties for sale with a swimming pool will always see a good return on investment and a ‘statement’ pool can really help you achieve a premium.  If you are planning to rent out the property or offer B&B or gîte accommodation, installing a pool instantly makes it more attractive to potential clients, and can definitely give an edge in a crowded market.  Whether thinking about resale or rental, if you’ve got a great pool, just the photos alone will make your property stand out from the competition.



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