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If you’re planning a trip to France it might be worth getting to grips with currency before you go. The timing of your currency transfer can make a huge difference to your budget.  

Here’s a quick update on the current GBP / Euro situation: 

The Covid restrictions for travel to France from the UK and the US, changed earlier this week and came into effect on 9th June. The French government have announced new ‘Vaccine Passport’ rules that allow people from the UK and America who are fully vaccinated to travel to France for any purpose, including holidays. If you’re considering a visit to France here’s what you need to know. 

If you've long dreamt of having a pied-a-terre across the channel we'd love to hear all about your plans!  Over the last few months, people have been getting in touch as recent global events have served as the perfect nudge to make their long-held dreams a reality.  

If you find yourself with a spare moment and a cup of tea in hand, do give us a call and talk through your thoughts so far.  We'd be very happy to discuss your plans and the pro's and con's of different areas of France and generally offer help and support as you prepare for a viewing trip.  

If you’re hoping to find your dream home in France this year, the COVID restrictions on movement have been rather an obstacle, but the french government have just changed their border rules and travellers from the UK and America can now enter France without having to quarantine.

With so much pent-up demand, we are anticipating a very busy summer and rural, character properties are already selling quickly.  The days of researching specific properties in detail and having a carefully prepared short-list to view before you set foot in France is unlikely to work this summer, as the properties will sell before you get there.  However, if you are planning a trip with a view to buying a house in France, there is plenty you can do to prepare in advance, so that you can efficiently make the most of your time once you arrive in France.

If you’ve ever dreamt of a property with a sea view, a home by a lake or a bolt-hole by the river to watch the world go by, here is a selection of french properties for sale that will offer some food for thought.  Here are our favourite properties by the water....


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