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If you are a UK passport holder and thinking of a change of lifestyle that would involve a stretch of more than three months in France, you will need to apply for a visa.  To find out where to start and what's involved, this Q & A session at 5pm UK time on 22nd June might be just the place to get the ball rolling.

If you’re travelling from the UK then the majority of people will travel with their car, either by ferry or the Eurotunnel.  

We’ve summarised the main routes as well as some useful tips to get cheaper tickets. 

France offers some of the best healthcare in the world but making sure you can access it is important. We’ve split this article into two sections:
Short term (for visitors)
Long term (for residents) 
Whether you’re popping across to France for a few days and need some spending money, or if you’re planning to buy or sell a property in France then efficient foreign currency exchange is a worthwhile consideration.  

The air travel industry is well and truly back up to speed after the hiatus of the Pandemic.  However, since we can now travel freely again, things are not ‘back to normal’.  There has been a noticeable pivot away from air travel, with more people favouring more relaxed, not to mention greener, ways to get to France - via the cross-channel ferries and the excellent rail network - and Eurostar appear to have pre-empted the move.....

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