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If you’ve ever dreamt of a property with a sea view, a home by a lake or a bolt-hole by the river to watch the world go by, here is a selection of french properties for sale that will offer some food for thought.  Here are our favourite properties by the water....


If you're in the fortunate position of being able to work from anywhere and are thinking of making the most of your freedom and having a base in France, a good internet connection is a key consideration and essential to make the plan feasible.  The french government has committed to ensuring every property in France has a 'very high speed' internet connection within the next two years and is developing an online resource that as the programme is rolled out, could help refine the search area.


If the pandemic has meant your dream of finding your perfect home in France has been on hold for the last couple of years, the good news is that if you're fully vaccinated, travel to and from France is now very straight forward. All you need is proof of vaccination within the last 9 months and you can travel freely.

With so many people held back by the pandemic, there is a significant amount of pent-up demand.  The days of researching specific properties in detail and having a carefully prepared short-list to view before you set foot in France is unlikely to work this summer, as the properties will sell before you get there.  However, if you are planning a trip with a view to buying a house in France, there is plenty you can do to prepare in advance, so that you can efficiently make the most of your time once you arrive in France.

When done well, properties for sale with a swimming pool will always see a good return on investment and a ‘statement’ pool can really help you achieve a premium.  If you are planning to rent out the property or offer B&B or gîte accommodation, installing a pool instantly makes it more attractive to potential clients, and can definitely give an edge in a crowded market.  Whether thinking about resale or rental, if you’ve got a great pool, just the photos alone will make your property stand out from the competition.



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