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Covid-19 regulations that restrict the movement of people between France and the UK remain in place.  Keep an eye on this blog for latest updates and news on when border restrictions will be eased, what measures you may need to take in order to travel and what COVID prevention measures are in place within France.

France is currently in a 4 week lock-down that started on the 3rd April.  Information on what measures will be in place at the end of that lock-down period have yet to be announced.

Travel is obviously somewhat tricky these days, but our partners in the Dordogne have been unleashing their inner 'Tarantino' and have mastered the art of 'the Virtual Tour'.

Here's our pick of the vids this week....

As with all countries around the world, each and every insect and animal plays a vital role in maintaining all the different ecosystems found across France - helping to maintain the beauty and diversity of the country.  The opportunity to spot so many different species is one of the great pleasures of visiting and travelling through France.  There are many national parks and areas of outstanding beauty throughout the country and, of course, these are a haven for wildlife and there is a great online resource for helping identify them and learning what they are called in french.

The Brexit deal was finalised in the midst of the global pandemic, when travel was all but impossible. 

Now that there are encouraging signs that travel to and from Europe may be on the horizon, we thought it be worth summarising the impact that Brexit will have for UK citizens who are looking to spend time in France.

Post-Brexit, or perhaps we should say Brexit-Post has to rate highly on the very long list of ‘irritating things’ the politicians failed to mention when they set out on their post-Brexit strategy of leaving the customs union.  Here's what you now have to do if you're sending mail to Europe....

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