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If you’re travelling from the UK then the majority of people will travel with their car, either by ferry or the Eurotunnel. Below we’ve summarised the main routes as well as some useful tips to get cheaper tickets. 
From Dover, the Eurotunnel takes 35mins to Calais. 
Here’s a summary of the ferry routes and the crossing times:

Portsmouth - Le Havre - crossing time 4 hours 30 minutes - Brittany Ferries

Portsmouth/Poole - Cherbourg -  crossing time 4 hours 30 mins (there is a high-speed option in the summer months) - Brittany Ferries

Portsmouth - Caen - crossing time 5 hours 45 minutes - Brittany Ferries

Portsmouth, Poole and Weymouth - St Malo - crossing time 7 hours/6 hours 15 mins/5 hours 15 mins - Brittany Ferries

Dover - Dunkirk - crossing time 2 hours - DFDS Ferries

Dover - Calais - crossing time 90 minutes - DFDS Ferries

Newhaven - Dieppe - crossing time 4 hoursDFDS Ferries

I always think overnight ferry crossings between the UK and France are a particularly civilised way to travel.  Routes are operated by a couple of operators on the following routes:
Portsmouth -St Malo / Caen / Cherbourg / Le Havre
Plymouth - Roscoff
Newhaven - Dieppe
Rail Travel from London to France
After the pandemic, the Eurostar rail service between London and various destinations in France, Belgium and the Netherlands is an increasingly popular option for those trying to cut down the airmiles as well as time hanging around in airports.  You can find out more information on the Eurostar and connections between London and various destinations in France here.


Top Tips:

1. The Eurotunnel and Eurostar are cheapest on a Tuesday and Wednesday, when demand is at its lowest. 
2. If you’re a regular traveller on Brittany Ferries then becoming a ‘Club Voyage’ member can save you up to 35% per crossing
3. If you’re over 60 and travelling on DFDS then you’re eligible for a 20% discount (but you have to call them on 0330 587 8787)
4. Before travelling check with your car insurer about roadside breakdown cover


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