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Post-Brexit, or perhaps we should say Brexit-Post has to rate highly on the very long list of ‘irritating things’ the politicians failed to mention when they set out on their post-Brexit strategy of leaving the customs union.  


If you want to send anything other than a letter or large letter containing only correspondence, you will need to complete a customs form.  This means, if you want to send any sort of gift to family and friends on the continent and vice versa, the government has to know about it.  You have to set to work filling out forms and you have to pay extra taxes.  


Here’s where you can find out more:


If you’re in France: https://aide.laposte.fr/contenu/brexit-au-1er-janvier-2021-les-nouvelles-formalites-douanieres-vers-le-royaume-uni

If you’re in the UK: https://www.postoffice.co.uk/mail/customs-forms

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