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If you're heading over the Channel this month, it might be good to get up to speed with the new driving regulations in France that come into force today.  The rules of the road follow a common sense approach and the guidelines are very similar to here in the UK.  

The rules are split into two categories, those that result in an automatic deduction of license points and a fine, and those that are at the discretion of the enforcing Officer. 


* Alcohol limits are 0.5g/l, roughly the equivalent of 1 small glass of wine = €4,500 fine + 6 points

* Alcohol limit of 0.2g/l for new drivers who have passed their test within the last 3 years = €4,500 fine + 6 points

* Being under the influence of drugs = €4,500 fine + 6 points

* Watching a screen which is not a driving aid (e.g. watching a DVD): €1,500 fine + 3 points

* Manipulating (i.e. texting or talking on) a mobile while driving = €135 fine + 3 points

* Using headphones (note that this applies to all road users including cyclists): €135 fine + 3 points

* Not wearing a seatbelt = €135 + 3 points

* Smoking with a minor on board = €68


FINE ONLY (at Officer’s discretion)

* Driving whilst eating a sandwich

* Searching in the glove box

* Listening to loud music that will interfere with you hearing the normal road noises (and at night with the window open)

* Applying make-up, even in a traffic jam

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