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Who thought the great french classic, the cheese fondue, needed adapting for the British palate?

This evening I will be introducing my daughter's to the delights of the classic French cheese fondue.  One of my favourite meals of all time so I'm happy to suffer the inability to move for 24 hours afterwards.  However, during my research for the best fondue recipe, I came across an English fondue cookery book published in the 1970's.  Inside was a recipe for avocado and Wensleydale fondue? A green fondue? Who thought this was a good idea?  

Reading on, I was even more surprised to see that the recipe recommended that the fondue should be served with various accompaniments including: prawn cocktail (the 1970's staple), choux pastry buns, toasted garlic croutons and bacon rolls????

I've almost been put off the whole idea altogether...... but not quite - I'm off up into the attic to retrieve the fondue pot!  If you're tempted to recreate this classic, just let me know and I'll send the recipe!


Avocado and Wensleydale Fondue


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