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France is the most popular tourist destination in the world and the city of Carcassonne, situated in the Aude department of the Languedoc, is one of the most popular spots in France!  Carcassonne is busy all year round, particularly in the summer when the city bustles with festivities, markets, music and festivals.


There are two main areas of the city, the Bastide Saint Louis on the west side of the river Aude and the Cité, the UNESCO listed hilltop citadel on the East of the river. The citadel is truly breathtaking with 52 towers, double fortification, drawbridges and magnificent views over the hills and beyond.  The countryside around Carcassonne is characterised by mountains, lakes, sunflower fields, vineyards, hilltop castles


The Bastide Saint Louis was built in 1260 and the narrow streets still lead to the central square, now called Place Carnot, in the heart of the city.  The tree-lined boulevards that circle the Bastide area were built on the original moats that surrounded the medieval city. 


Carcassonne is a lively city with a good range of high-quality restaurants, brasseries and shops showcasing the regions’ cuisine, liqueurs, famous lavender soap, ceramics and linen. 


The weekly market is famous for its variety of fresh local fare including fruit, vegetables, honey, bread and cured meats.  This is a ‘try before you buy’ market and is also surrounded by some fabulous restaurants – it’s an all round gastronomic experience.


You might notice that property tends to look very good value in Carcassonne when compared to property in the surrounding areas.  This is because industrial and commercial expansion (offices/factories etc) is limited by the citys’ UNESCO status, therefore, there is low employment immigration to the city. This plays into the hands of overseas buyers who are looking for a vibrant and culturally rich city, without the price tag of Paris, Bordeaux, Marseille or Toulouse.  As a result, Carcassonne is particularly popular with investment buyers capitalising on the tourism rental market


As Carcassonne is one of the most popular tourist destinations in France the city offers great year round rental potential. It can be busy at the height of the summer but there is always a ‘buzzy’ atmosphere with lots going on whilst the snowy peaks of the Pyrénées and the Montagne Noire give a hint of the beautiful countryside that lies beyond the city walls.


We have a number of beautiful apartments for sale in the city. Click here to find details for all our properties in the city.  If you have any questions about the city, the area or any properties in particular, please just get in touch.




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