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5 Reasons why 2017 is going to be a good year to buy a property in France


It’s safe to say that 2016 threw up a few political surprises and clients have asked 'can we still move to France after Brexit?'.  


2017 promises to be much more conducive to buying a property in France and here are 5 reasons why, starting with a quote from the French President:


1. "There is no doubt that the French people who reside in the UK will be able to continue to work there and that the British people in France will be able to continue to work here and spend as much time as they wish.”


2. The hot favourite to be France’s next President, François Fillon, is proposing significant property based tax reductions – the most eye-catching of which is the abolition of stamp duty (payable by the buyer) which is currently around 6%. Fillon's wife is British and he's been tagged a 'tea-drinking Anglophile' (he'd get our vote!). 


3. Sterling has strengthened and stabilised, making French property prices even better value.


4. Forecasts suggest that borrowing rates on mortgages will remain at a record low.


5. France is the best place to live in Europe, according to a review of seventeen quality of life factors carried out by a leading UK based consumer website.


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