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Britons living in France can breathe a little more easily after a draft agreement was reached guaranteeing the rights of citizens after Brexit.

UK citizens will have their rights to live, work and study protected under the deal, which must now be ratified in the EU and UK Parliaments.

But the agreement in principle - which also took in the so-called 'Divorce Bill' and Ireland - has prompted the European Commission to recommend "sufficient progress" has been made on the first phase of Brexit talks, paving the way for negotiations on a transition period for withdrawal and trade.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May held a joint press conference with EU Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker in Brussels on Friday morning, where she said that British citizens in the EU and EU citizens in Britain could 'go on living their lives as before'.

"The deal we have struck will guarantee the rights of more than three million EU citizens living in the UK, and over one million UK citizens in the EU," she said.

(source Connexion France)

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