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If there are any other Brexitcasters out there (the BBC daily podcast that tries to predict which way the wind’s blowing in Parliament and the EU on all things Brexit related), there was a very interesting nugget of information at the end of Tuesday’s edition.
After 5 rounds of discussions the EU and UK are all but ready to sign-off on an agreement whereby the UK would join a list of other nations that enjoy visa-free travel throughout the EU.  This agreement would come into effect even in the event of a no deal.
The only sticking point now is a footnote on the agreement that describes Gibraltar as a ‘colony’ of the UK.  The UK negotiator, Labour MEP Claude Moraes objects to this phrase and has been fighting tooth and nail to get it changed to something less offensive to British sensibilities.  He has not got his way and in the last few days, the UK Government have asked him to step back and let someone else handle the final stage of negotiations so that the visa-free travel for UK citizens travelling to, and within, the EU can be confirmed.
There is also an article in The Independent with more information on this:  
1st April Update:  Claude Moraes has now been removed from the negotiating panel and the government expect the agreement on visa-free travel for UK citizens throughout the EU, even in the event of a no-deal, to be signed-off without further hindrance.  
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