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Understandably Brexit has been out of the headlines for several months so we thought it might be worth refreshing the details of the Withdrawal Agreement and its implications. 

The majority of the negotiating is still to be done and if current form is anything to go by then this will come down to the wire.

What we do know for certain is that the UK is leaving the European Union on 31st December 2020. After this date British citizens will still be able to buy property in France, in exactly the same way they can at the moment. The buying process in France remains the same whether you are French, British, American, Chinese etc. 

If you are looking to move permanently to France before the end of the year, you will enjoy the same rights and benefits as expats that are already here. You will remain a UK national, but become a French resident. To be on the safe side you will need to have completed on a purchase before 31st December 2020. This means you will need to have had an offer accepted by mid-September. 

It will still be perfectly possible to move to France after the deadline but because so much is still to be decided (pensions, residency, access to healthcare etc) it’s difficult to forecast with much accuracy how the residency landscape will look. 

If you’re looking to buy a holiday home in France then again the buying process remains the same. After Brexit, the plans currently being aired are that you will be able to visit France for up to three months as a tourist, without the need for a visa. However, you will have to leave after 90 days and not return for another 90 days. So, you can spend a maximum of 6 months of the year at the property, which for most would be ample. 

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Earlier this year the French President, Emmanuel Macron, wrote an open letter making his feelings towards British citizens quite clear.  The 'Entente Cordiale' is alive and well and you can see more details here:


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