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It is often the case that a much-loved french home can be enjoyed for many, many years.  So when the time comes for private owners to sell their property in France, remembering how to buy and sell property in France may be a distant memory.

The internet is obviously an invaluable tool for marketing your property to international buyers but with so much competition, it is important your advert stands out.  There are and number of techniques that can be employed to help catch peoples' eye.

At La Résidence, we specialise in a fairly niche area, almost exclusively marketing character properties for sale in France.  If the time has come to sell your property in France and you are looking for an english-speaking french estate agent, do get in touch to find out more about our services, as we may be able to help.  We can also advise on the french capital gains tax implications of selling your property.

Alternatively, if you would like a tailored conversation, specifically in relation to your property, click here and we will contact you to discuss your property in detail.


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