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The French government have announced new ‘Vaccine Passport’ rules that allow people from the UK and America who are fully vaccinated to travel to France for any purpose, including holidays.  If you have been frustrated by months of border restrictions in your search for a property for sale in France, this change in regulation means that heading across the channel for your long-awaited viewing trip is now possible!  

There are, of course, a few hoops to jump through between now and that first café-au-lait and croissant on french soil.  Travellers from Britain or America will need to have completed their 2-shot vaccinations (Pfizer, Moderna or Astra Zeneca) at least 2 weeks prior to travel.  For one shot vaccines, such as the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, a delay of 4 weeks is required.

Travellers will not be required to quarantine on arrival in France, but they will have to produce a negative PCR test taken 72 hours before crossing the Channel, or an antigen test 48 hours beforehand.

If home-schooling your teenage children is still fairly fresh in the memory, the rules also give you the perfect excuse to escape for some well-earned R&R as the above rules will apply to all travellers over the age of 12.  Travel restrictions set by the British government for re-entering the UK from pretty much anywhere remain in place and quarantine-at-home on return from France is required.

If you've waited long enough to get over to France to find your new house, you can give us a brief overview of your plans by clicking on the link below and we can then get the ball rolling on your behalf:


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