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Covid-19 regulations that restrict the movement of people between France and the UK remain in place.  Keep an eye on this blog for latest updates and news on when border restrictions will be eased, what measures you may need to take in order to travel internationally and what COVID prevention measures are in place within France:


 12th April 2021:  Viewing Properties during the current lock-down in France is permitted providing you are searching for a primary residence.  There is no restriction on the distance you can travel in order to attend viewing appointments.


 31st March 2021:  A nationwide lock-down begins across the country from 3rd April.  The restrictions will last 4 weeks.


 20th March 2021:  16 areas of France are now in full lockdown.  Those regions affected are Paris, the Pas-de-Calais, Upper Normandy and the north-eastern areas, as well as the Alpes-Maritimes (which includes Nîce and the French Riviera.)


 11th March 2021:  France is preparing to announce a relaxation in their border controls for travellers to or from a handful of countries, including the UK and Australia.  Travellers will no longer need 'a compelling reason travel' but all travellers will still need to provide evidence of a negative test less than 72 hours before travel.

Other countries included on the list of eased restrictions are New Zealand, Japan, Israel, South Korea and Singapore.

The UK government's block on all but essential travel in or out of the UK remains in place, but the move from the French government is at least a step in the right direction.....


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